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Paper Stick Making Machine ZB-X1

Multipurpose paper stick making machine

  • ZB-X1
  • Non-numerical control
  • 800pcs/min
  • Oblique forming

ZB-X1 Automatic paper stick making machine


ZB-X1 paper stick making machine used to produce high quality paper stick,to meet different production requirement.
It have multipurpose, For instance, we can produce cotton swab, meanwhile, it can make lollipop stick and anyother sticks
Final sticks has strong hardness, smooth surface, the most importantly, the sticks are eco-friendly.
It’s non-toxic and bio-degradable, in the mean while, the stick can meet FDA standard.


1. The paper rolls with an oblique direction
2. Then, the elementary sticks is formed by the oblique forming belt
3. Afterwards, the sticks will be cut into a specific length
4. After that, Final sticks are formed by the forming roller
5. Finally, sticks will cut into the standard length by the slitting machine


  • Tension system adopts magnetic powder constant tension controller
  • Low adhesive glue required
  • Non-numerical control, but with Servo motor transportation
  • High quality electronic accessories
  • OEM service acceptable


Glue (PVA)
Carton boxes


1. Paper stick slitting machine
2. Drying oven or drying room
stick machine videoPlease click here for video links

forming roller forming type over view for the machine

Raw paper stick before cutting

raw paper stick

Final sticks after cutting
Note: Please drying the sticks first before cutting the stick, after cutting, please put the stick with same direction

paper stick

Click here ZB-X1S for upgrade model, if cotton swab machine also, please click CB-2, CB-3

Why paper sticks?

  • First of all, it’s degradable
    Different from plastic sticks, the paper made by 100% paper pulp, it will degrade in the environment, whatsmore, no pollution will happen.
  • Secondly, it’s non-toxic
    It will be very safe because it’s using the 100% natural materials, so, paper sticks widely used in food industries.
  • Lastly, it’s reproducible
    Moreover, it’s easier to get the paper materials than plastic, we don’t have to wait for our State to ban the use of plastic

For more details and quotation about the stick machine, please leave a message to us or mail to us, then, our sales representative will reply you ASAP!
Thanks for your support!

Weight 930 kg
Dimensions 3450 × 1450 × 1400 mm

Production Conditions

70gram/² with different width

Water mixed PVA powder (low percentage)

Input Power
380V,50HZ,3 Phase (Can be customzied)

Operation Worker
2-3 person(s)

Working Environment
1. Drying oven or drying room will speed up the desiccation
2. Clean and dust-free