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Cotton Swab Making Machine CB-2

Cosmetic cotton swab making and packaging machine

  • 1200pcs/min
  • PLC control
  • Closed drying oven
  • Touch screen operation

High Speed Cotton Swab Making and Packaging Machine

Up to 1200pcs/min


PLC control: High speed and reliable
Automatic machine: automatic forming, drying and packaging
More energy saving: Circulation drying oven
Simple manipulation: Touchable and visible control system
Flexible producing: changeable packing desk and changeable

CB-2 cotton swab making machine is a daily cotton swab making machine. We launched the first generation of CB-2 series model in 1999,  with 20 years continuous improvement, the latest model is the most stable machine with high quality and competitive price.

Drying oven
The cloesd circulation dryer is a new type energy conservative dryer.
cloesd circulation dryer for drying system

Changeable packing desk
This automatic packaging desk will collect the swabs from the conveyor, then pile up with 100 pieces. and we provide different kinds of packing desk to meet your different requirement.
different packaging desk

High speed forming unit
Full automatic forming parts with high speed, meanwhile, the cotton tips are very beatiful and compact. The brass mould can used for a very long time.
forming unit

Centralized Control System
PLC control system with patented program, so that the machine is more stable and efficient.
PLC control

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CB-2B Baby safety swab production machine
CB-2M Medical swab production machin

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Raw material
1.5gsm 100% cotton sliver
Gule, PVA
Stick: paper stick, plastic stick, bamboo and wooden stick


stick machine video
cotton buds

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